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The original Elastic Braided Goggle Replacement Strap. All SMACK products are made in the USA

Smack Suit

5.0 (1 review)




Flat braid has superior mechanical properties that provide even stress distribution on the shoulders & back.

* 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra

* Adjustable Straps

* Superior Support & Comfort

* Resilient materials used for durable wear

* Made in the USA

It is the most comfortable Swim Suit Available!

Size guide for girls

24 26 28 30
G8 G10 G12 G14/16 – W0/2


Size guide for women

32 34 36
W2/4 W6/8 W10/12

1 review for Smack Suit

  1. Stacey Richards

    Hands down the best bathing suit!!! Very comfortable and no more achy shoulders and back. You did it again Smack Swim!👏👏

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