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The original Elastic Braided Goggle Replacement Strap. All SMACK products are made in the USA

Smack Swim is a trending company focusing on providing comfort technology and innovation for athletes.  A fashion-forward entity bringing hip and extremely fresh products to the sporting industry.

Founded in 2011 by owner Lynne Anderson, a D1 full scholarship swimmer, she saw a need for developmental products and therefore invented the Smack Swim Strap.

The Smack Strap is an elastic braided replacement goggle strap.  It is colorful functional and fashionable.  Through scientific properties, the Smack Strap evenly distributes the tension on a swimmer’s head.

Moving forward Lynne applied the research and developed more innovative products that provide less strain on the avid competitor.  Lynne has taken great pride in manufacturing all SMACK products in the USA.

Being very involved in the swim and tri communities she still coaches and swims masters.

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